Many years of experience in the manufacturing of high quality materials enable us to produce exclusive humidors in our workshop. They will fascinate you with their unique visual appearance and their perfection down to the last detail.

The humidor will be lovingly crafted by hand, individually for you. For the design we set no limit to your creativity. You can chose e.g. one of our basic versions and we will arrange it according to your wishes.

You may freely chose from our classy materials which can be individually combined. Gladly we will introduce your family crest or any other symbol as an inlay.

The corpus made of Spanish red cedar gives room for a big mahogany tray, which can be resized by moveable partitions, and a small tray, below which the humidification system is arranged. In order to ensure an optimal air circulation, our trays are equipped with airing fins, which also can be found in the partitions. To avoid direct contact between your cigars and the cedar wood, our trays are levitating in the humidors. It also allows the wooden flavours to diffuse freely. Ideal air humidity is provided by the electronically controlled humidification system.


You feel connected to a certain building?

We will use a building defined by you as a model and create a miniature version in detailed handcraft.
All our high class cases can also be used for safekeeping watches, jewelry or other precious objects.
The following pages will give you ideas how to create your individual humidor. Should you have further questions, do not hesitate to use the contact form or to call us directly.


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